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Selected Highlights – PoliticsHome

Hardly Any Councils Have Implemented Covid-19 Marshals, A Month After Boris Johnson Announced Them
Exclusive: PoliticsHome can only identify four councils among the top 100 with high coronavirus infection rates that have implemented Covid marshals, a month after Boris Johnson announced them in a bid to slow the spread of the disease.

Jeremy Hunt Says It Would “Take A Lot” To Persuade Him To Run For The Tory Leadership Again
Exclusive: Jeremy Hunt has said that while his “ambition hasn’t completely vanished” when it comes to running for Conservative party leader, “it would take a lot to persuade me to put my hat into the ring”.

Ex-Love Islander Says Government Should Be Doing More To Promote Positive Image Of Influencers
Exclusive: Amy Hart — who appeared on Love Island in 2019 — told PoliticsHome she wants ministers to do more to support the work of online influencers whilst also cracking down on abuse.

Government Warned Changing Voting Systems Without Scrutiny Sets A “Dangerous Precedent”
Exclusive: Multiple campaign groups have fiercely criticised the government for including a major change to the voting system in an amendment to the Elections Bill, warning that the changes are being “rushed through without consultation”.

Weaponisation Of Space Is “Extremely Worrying”, Warns Defence Committee Chair
Exclusive: Defence committee chair Tobias Ellwood has said Western powers need to do “some serious thinking” about how to manage space operations after a Russian anti-satellite missile test endangered the crew aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Labour Demands Answers Over Tory Co-Chairman Ben Elliot’s Middle East Links
Exclusive: Labour has written to foreign office minister James Cleverly seeking answers about Ben Elliot’s influence over foreign policy.

Senior Tory Warns Voter ID Plans Lack Evidence To Justify “Danger”
Exclusive: Former Cabinet minister David Davis has criticised the government’s “dangerous” voter ID plans, claiming there isn’t enough evidence of voter fraud to justify them.

A London University Has Become The First In The Capital To Confirm An Outbreak Of Coronavirus
Exclusive: 50 students are said to be self-isolating at university accommodation in west London following a “small cluster of confirmed cases of Covid-19”, it has been confirmed.

Two Central London Councils Have Told Rishi Sunak His Tax Plans Will Cause “Irreversible Damage” To Their Economies
Exclusive: The leaders of two central London councils have written to the chancellor warning that plans to axe tax-free shopping could cause “irreversible damage” to their economies.

Anti-Maskers And Lockdown Sceptic Groups Are Using Smiley Face Emojis To Signal Their Opposition To Rules
People opposed to compulsory face coverings and nationwide lockdowns are using smiley face emojis to “passively” communicate their views.

Caroline Nokes Says Too Few Women On Violence Against Women Taskforce Is Emblematic Of Gender Inequality In Cabinet
Exclusive: Caroline Nokes has accused the government of risking not being “taken seriously” on equality until it appoints a permanent women’s minister to attend future taskforce meetings.

Home Office Plans To Use Military-Grade Drones To Pursue Suspects And Monitor Protests Are Raising Privacy Concerns
Plans by the National Police Air Service (NPAS) to use Israeli military-grade drones to replace helicopters and aeroplanes have raised concerns among privacy campaigners.

Features & Analysis – PoliticsHome

Zelensky Warns Russia Has Committed “Genocide” In Ukraine — But For Other Countries, Saying So Is More Complicated
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused Russia of committing a genocide in his country, but experts have warned it could be years before the events are potentially declared as such.

Tentative Tories “Hope People Forgive And Forget” After PM and Chancellor Receive “Partygate” Police Fines
Tory MPs are hoping to ride out any negative reaction to the news that Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak have been issued police fines over breaches of Covid-19 regulations.

Why The 2021 Local Elections Weren’t A Total Catastrophe For Labour
The Labour Party is facing a difficult set of results in the English local elections, which saw it lose votes in some of its traditional heartlands. But, it’s not all bad news for Keir Starmer.

Has The Conservative Party Got A Woman Problem?
This week’s Conservative Party Conference, which one attendee described to PoliticsHome as a “sea of white men in suits”, was a reminder that below the surface, the Tories are still the least diverse of Westminster’s four main parties when it comes to gender.

The Stage Is Set For A Westminster Battle Over The Survival Of The “Pret Economy”
On Tuesday, the Prime Minister assured his Cabinet that “people are going back to the office in huge numbers across our country.” The evidence doesn’t appear to back him up.

Ticket To Normal Life Or Threat To Freedom? Why Coronavirus ‘Vaccination Passports’ Might Not Be A Simple Way Forward
Being able to prove your immunity to Covid-19 could be the key to a return to normal life in 2021.

“Cuts To Life-Saving Research Are Unavoidable”: How The Pandemic Will Have A Devastating Lasting Impact On Charities
The charity sector has been hit twice over by the coronavirus pandemic. As most income sources vanished overnight, the demand for charity’s services became more vital than ever before.

“We Are The Left Vote”: Northern Independence Party Deny Splitting The Labour Vote In May Elections
Leaders of the newly-formed Northern Independence Party (NIP) argue that their candidate is the only “left wing vote” in the upcoming Hartlepool by-election as the Conservatives are now “more progressive” than Labour.

Features & Analysis – The House magazine

The Jeremy Hunt interview: Covid, health care, and what I’d have done differently from Boris Johnson
Jeremy Hunt wants to ensure the lessons of the pandemic aren’t forgotten. He tells Eleanor Langford where he sees the future of the NHS – and the part he’d like to play in it.

The David Lammy interview: Ukraine could be the biggest conflict since World War Two
From a crisis in Ukraine to concerns over China and Britain’s shaky relationship with the United States, newly-appointed shadow foreign secretary David Lammy has plenty in his in-tray. He tells Eleanor Langford about his hopes for the role – and the part he thinks the UK should play on the global stage.

The Christian Wakeford Interview: ‘Boris Johnson isn’t suitable to be a leader, let alone a Prime Minister’
Weeks after defecting from the Conservatives, Christian Wakeford tells Eleanor Langford about life as a Labour MP.

Anna McMorrin MP: ‘The 2010s became a decade of climate awareness. The 2020s must be a decade of action’
Anna McMorrin’s first term saw her wage war on plastic packaging. Now she has set her sights on boosting community-based co-operatives. The Labour MP talks to Eleanor Langford about reshaping the UK’s approach to the climate crisis.

Alyn Smith MP: “Scotland is hitting all the right notes in Brussels at a time when the UK is hitting all the wrong ones”
With a 15-year career in the European Parliament already under his belt, the SNP’s Alyn Smith has been tipped as a future party leader. Stirling’s new MP talks to Eleanor Langford about his journey to Westminster, independence – and his determination that Scotland will be heard.