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I used to get a lot of emails. My way of identifying what was important in my inbox was by looking at which emails I’d opened, which wasn’t very many. You’re talking 30,000 unread emails level of inbox mess. Then, I did a massive clear out (which took a really, really long time) and now I like most of the emails I get. Many newsletters were among those that didn’t make the cut, but these ones did. These are the newsletter I open every time they arrive:

Sian Meades-Williams’ Freelance Writing Jobs

A list of freelance and part-time writing jobs, ranging from journalism to copywriting with a few literary roles thrown in. All the roles advertised are from editors who actually want to hear your pitch, or places that really are hiring. It’s out every Thursday, and I get very excited when it appears in my inbox. Even when I’m not actually looking for a role, it’s just nice to window shop.

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Anna Codrea-Rado’s The Professional Freelancer

Every Friday Anna pops all kind of freelancer wisdom into your inbox. If you weren’t sold already, every edition includes a pet picture. There’s a section of pitch callouts and links to interesting things to read. The newsletter is filled with practical advice and comforting stories that remind you that you’re not alone in this whole thing. I know it says freelancer in the title, but honestly, a lot of the editions are relevant to all writers/journalists.

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The Ann Friedman Weekly

This is a new addition to my inbox, but nonetheless brilliant. It’s a rundown of big and small stories from the week, from the biggest scoops to the quirkiest articles. There are gifs too – but they’re more than just gifs, they’re inspirational gifs. It’s a brilliant way to get a broad view of what’s out there, presented in a quick and concise manner. There’s also a paid version which comes with hand-drawn pie charts that costs $5 a year, if you’re into that kind of thing.

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First things first, I love the name of this newsletter. It sounds like a very productive Harry Potter spell. If you like interesting things and finding out new stuff, then you will be obsessed with Recomendo. It just recommends stuff each week, but niche and unusual things that will make you sound very interesting in front of your friends. I’ve lost count of the number of awesome websites/TV shows/podcasts/DIY tips that this newsletter has put me onto.

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Okay, this only applies to journalists living in London. But it was a godsend when I was a broke little student. This newsletter started up right near the end of my MA and I wish it had appeared earlier. It’s a list of free things to do each week around the capital from food to culture. Young journalists aren’t exactly raking it in, but we still like to have fun. This newsletter helps you have fun for free.

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Journo Resources

If you’re an early-career journalist or media person and you aren’t aware of this website, then you should be. The site has reference salaries and freelance rates, as well as all the graduate schemes, awards and jobs (with salaries) you could want. The best of these are popped into a lovely weekly email from Jem and others.

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POLITICO London Playbook

This daily newsletter is the must-read for anyone interested in politics. It’s read by politicians, hacks and normal folk, and it is by far the best summary of that day’s events. If you’re not into your politics, this isn’t for you. But, if you’re like me and you love Westminster gossip, then this will become your staple morning read.

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Vox Sentences

Need a good explainer, or an interesting take on a big story? Vox is your go-to. They’re a “general interest news site” based in America, so they cover lots of topics albeit with a slightly US-skewed focus. Their Monday to Friday summary emails take the best of the news and boils it down into quick sentences. There’s usually a political story or two, with something cultural and a few quirky things thrown in. A great way of getting a succinct view of the world from the other side of the Atlantic.

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